Thursday, July 24, 2008

Restaurant Roulette

So, those of you with food allergies understand how nerve wracking it can be to dine out. I know that for a very long time our dining out consisted of three local restaurants that we knew could be trusted. Now, with the introduction of the new allergy guidelines and information, it is amazing how many companies have their allergy information on their web site. It's nice to see where we might have options before getting in the car.
 I know that some nights a mama just does NOT want to cook, especially when you make three meals a day, two snacks a day, seven days a week. And there is no ordering pizza. Ever. No mac and cheese. Don't get me wrong, we have quick options- God Bless Tyson! They were among the first to be dairy free in the world of chicken nuggets. A mom has to have some shortcuts.
 Still, it's nice to eat out now and then. And now that the world seems to be getting more aware of food allergies, it's easier to find restaurants that I can trust. Even at that, I do worry about the cooks who are not careful about cross contamination, or servers who do not accurately convey the allergy part of the order. So, anytime that I have any doubt, I do ask to speak to a manager. Of course, I always make it clear that the server is not at fault (unless of course it WAS the server with a lackadaisical attitude.), but that we need extra assurance because of the severity of the issue.
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE Aladdin's eatery in Grandview, as the staff there is so knowledgeable about the menu contents and allergy information. They have a particularly wonderful man there named Michael that really won over our family. He is super friendly, and has an amazing memory! He remembers us and our eating limitations, and even bits of information we share on our daily life. I absolutely trust that eating there will be a good experience. I really wish that everyone with a food allergy could find one restaurant that they could trust as much, because everyone needs a break on occasion. Good luck, and good eating!

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