Sunday, May 30, 2010

Annual Allergy Friendly Tasting Party

It is that time of year again, for me anyway. Time to start scouring the internet for new and unfamiliar foods that allergic consumers would appreciate. We food allergy families often find our comfort zone in safe and familiar foods, and settle in to a routine.

And who can blame us? With the research that needs to be done to determine if a product is safe, followed by the expense of buying unfamiliar foods. All to get it home to the ultimate test, your allergic kiddo. And allergic kiddos? Tastebuds like Vegas, baby. It's a crapshoot. (Hmmm. Come to think of it, even my non-allergic kiddos are a gamble.)

When you win, you win BIG. Product loyalty comes easily to us when a product is safe and enjoyed by the family. Having more options for dinner in the house? Major win.

But when you lose? Let's be honest, allergy friendly products aren't cheap. It's no fun to bring home a parade of foods that your child refuses to eat. Wouldn't it be great to try it before you buy it?

Enter: Me. Once a year I round up samples of the hottest allergy friendly foods on the market and offer them in a safe and expense free at a meeting of parents with food allergic kiddos. So parents can taste it and decide if they think it's worth serving to the little ones. And sometimes we even send samples home! And coupons! It. Is. Wonderful.

Says me.

So, if you can think of an allergy friendly item that you would share, please tell me. Friendly for any allergy, we have all of them represented. Thanks for helping me out!