Monday, October 21, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Sorry for leaving you hanging the last two weeks, life here has been hectic, so I've used recycled menu plans.  Here I am, back at it though.  I know you need to cook too!

Breakfast: bean and veggie saute
Lunch: sunbutter and apples
Dinner: lentil dahl over pasta, peas

Breakfast: pancakes with blueberry reduction
Lunch: sunbutter and jelly
Dinner: turkey meatballs, mashed potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts

Breakfast: turkey sausage and veggie saute
Lunch: meatballs
Dinner: beef stew over quinoa

Breakfast: cinnamon raisin bread
Lunch: beef sloppy joe
Dinner: cider pulled pork roast, sweet potatoes, southern fried cabbage

Breakfast: bacon cheddar muffins
Lunch: leftover pork
Dinner: tuna noodle casserole, broccoli

Breakfast: black bean sweet potato bowl
Lunch: fish sticks
Dinner: Farmhouse vegetable soup, dinner rolls

Breakfast: cream of buckwheat
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: white bean turkey chili, honey corn muffins, salad

Enjoy your week!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

An epi for every school

Today Ohio can celebrate the introduction of House Bill 296, which would permit a school or district to stock epinephrine auto-injectors that are not designated for a specific student.  Properly trained staff members, in addition to school nurses, could administer epinephrine to any student, staffer, or visitor that displays symptoms of an anaphylactic allergic reaction.

The bill outlines the training to be provided, the persons who can administer, as well as liability protection of the trained persons who administer the medicine.

This is a huge step in the right direction for Ohio- one step closer to having greater protection in place for allergic reactions in the school setting.

This is particularly important because up to 20% of first time allergic reactions take place at school.  That's a significant number!  Many states have introduced, or passed, similar laws.  Currently Chicago is the only one keeping recorded statistics (that I am aware of), and they report using 25 stock epinephrine auto injectors during the last school year!

Currently, epinephrine auto-injectors are only available for children who have known allergies, provide the proper paperwork from their physician authorizing it's use and detailing the correct usage for the auto injector, and who supply their own device from home.  Children who have not yet been identified as having allergies are not covered, and using another child's epinephrine to treat their reaction is a punishable offense.

I will certainly be supporting this legislation, and hope to see it pass quickly into law for Ohio!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Orange Smoothie, very UN-green.

My kiddos are tired of green smoothies.  Not that they don't like them, they're just ready for variety.  Yes even kids, who might eat chicken nuggets every day until they're 27, occasionally like to change things up.

So I made the smoothie orange instead of green.  Go me!  And they slurped it down.  That's a win!

Here's what I did:

Orange Smoothie

1 orange, peeled and seeds removed
2 carrots, or the equivalent in baby carrots, roughly chopped
1 fresh mango, seeded and peeled
1/2 c frozen peach slices
1/4 c pumpkin puree
1/2 inch fresh ginger, peeled
1 cup coconut milk, or non-dairy milk of choice

Add all to blender and process on high until smooth.  Add more milk if needed to reach desired consistency.

All smoothies are best enjoyed cold!  If you lack any of the above ingredients, feel free to sub in whatever orange or yellow produce you have on hand.  Sweet potatoes, squash, corn, be adventurous!

This recipe is nut free, egg free, dairy free, soy free, and delicious.

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