Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Baked Goods and Copyright Infringement

I am very new to the world of wheat free baked goods. My experiences so far have been making pumpkin muffins and banana muffins from scratch, and pancakes from a mix. The mix, from Cherrybrook Kitchen, is wonderful. The muffins have good flavor, but are a bit dense and gummy. I have no idea how to lighten them up, or take out the gumminess. I will have to keep experimenting. I am enjoying trying the recipes on . (Her muffin recipes are the ones I tried.)

I have to admit that I came across the FAST website, with their recipe section. (Food Allergy Survivors Together) I was amazed at how possessive they are with their recipes! All over the site are warnings on not printing them in any form anywhere else without proper citation. Yikes! I want to share every recipe that I've ever found to be yummy, and I hope it gets spread to millions of people so they can enjoy yummy food too. I have copied recipes for my file from so many sources over the years that I could not begin to properly credit the originator of the recipe. So, here and now, my apology. VERY few of the recipes I print are original. Some are stolen from a random source in their original form, and some are altered to better suit the needs and tastes of my family. I mean no offense, I want to share the wonder of a well made meal. I will, in the future, be more diligent about sharing the source of my inspiration and awe.

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  1. Hi, Allergy Mama. I founded FAST many years ago at age 19 (the group is not "they," but just me!) and wanted to clarify that it's U.S. law that a recipe is owned by the person who wrote it, and only that person can legally determine where it is published. A lot of FAST recipes have been stolen and posted elsewhere, and I've found group members hesitant to share recipes due to this happening. The warnings on the site are there to hopefully help protect their legal rights. The only recipes on the site that I own are ones with my name on them. I'm sure most people do want others to use and enjoy their recipes, but it's the law that they need to be able to determine when and how this occurs. Those warnings all over the site have a very detailed history behind them. I hope this helps explain just a bit.


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