Saturday, October 25, 2008

Amazing advancements

It is phenomenal the difference in the sheer quantity of information on food allergies that is currently available online compared to what I could find when I started learning 5 years ago. Where I struggled to find recipes and alternative products to use when cooking, now it is a few keystrokes away. I can not imagine what parents did 15 years ago when the information and alternative products were so rarely found. I know how much easier my life has gotten, just in the last few years, largely due to the vast increase in information and products. I love how many people have started a blog to share their own experience and information. It frequently makes me realize how little I really have to contribute when I read the wonderfully expressive thoughts of fellow allergy survivors. The devotion they have put into creating new recipes rather than just giving old recipes a facelift is amazing. And guilt inducing at times. Most of the time I am just grateful they are willing to share with me, and others, the things that make their life easier. The recipes that rock their tables. And I feel the pain of moms that have recently been thrown into camp with us, because it is overwhelming when you are just starting to learn. I am so thankful that they will have so many resources to turn to, so their learning will speed along and life will resemble normal sooner. Someday I will put the effort into making this a spot of inspiration rather than rambling, and focus on my writing skill as a craft as much as sharing thoughts and information. But for now it remains a site of ramblings from a mama that is learning....always learning more about how to feed a family with food allergies.

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