Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baking tidbits

There are so many times that I am cooking and I think "I ought to blog that." The problem being that it is one measly tip easily covered in two sentences (if I stretch it out). I tend to forget about it or decide that it just is not significant enough to share. I am going to try to share more of these tidbits, even though they will be short.

Today, as I was baking a lovely batch of sweet potato muffins, I remembered my failed attempts at traditional streusel type toppings. No butter, no wheat....gritty and flavorless.

Now, I tend to top muffins and coffee cakes with a sprinkle of granola or raw sugar for crunchy topping. Be forewarned that the topping will not be crunchy the next day. Still tasty though.

Also, from someone who makes a lot of muffins: the ice cream scoop is your friend. The handy kind with the lever that releases the ice cream. It perfectly portions muffins and cupcakes, and pushes the batter out of the scoop and into the tin for you. Very handy. And cupcake liners make for easy clean up of the pan, as well as extra freshness protection when freezing. I always freeze a few (if I have any left) for those mornings when we need a quick breakfast to get the eldest to the bus on time.

Not exactly earth shattering wisdom, but there might be a useful tidbit for you somewhere in there.

Happy baking!

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