Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's for Dinner?

When I tell people what my daughter is allergic to, they often respond with "Oh my! What does she eat? Air?" If you have seen her, she certainly looks as though that is a substantial part of her diet. She does, in fact, have a decent appetite. As long as you can be patient enough to let her eat, because she is definitely not a fast eater. But- hey! Haven't studies shown that's why the French stay so lean even with their incredibly rich diet? Because they savor their meal and enjoy each bite slowly while they talk. She'd be a great french citizen.

That aside, I certainly do have my nights when I just don't know WHAT to make for dinner. Every mom has those, even moms with no dietary restrictions to deal with. The difference? I can't throw my hands in the air and order pizza. I know you can't either.

So, I have decided to randomly post dinner ideas from our house. Feel free to share dinner ideas from your house, because I could use some inspiration too! I might even get crazy and post a whole weekly menu. I do have them.

Our first dinner is a great example of "fast food", meaning that it takes only 30 minutes from start to table. It would have been much faster, but those darn lentils just don't like to be hurried. (Leave off the lentils and you could sit down in 15 minutes.)

I couldn't resist sharing this dinner because the colors were so vibrant. With that kind of visual appeal it's so much more enjoyable to eat. Kids are suckers for this, though they don't know it. Really. Serve a meal that is lacking in visual appeal and they are less likely to dive in. Try to avoid visually bland meals by making sure to get different colors in every meal, or eating from a plate that contrasts with your food. Advertisers know color choices matter, they chose colors that will help appeal to their audience and make the sale. Aren't you trying to sell something too? On a much smaller scale. Just a little food for thought. Pun intended.

So, what was on the menu? Just in case something in the picture is hard to identify:
  • Pan Seared Chicken Breast
  • Steamed Sugar Snap Peas
  • Rice Pilaf with Lentils (from Near East)
  • Apricot Halves
  • Beverage of Choice
So quick and easy to throw together that I don't even need to post ingredients or directions. And the kids ate it. (Though my four year old had to have ketchup for dipping. I'm good with that. Whatever gets it in.)

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