Saturday, August 8, 2009

An allergy friendly tasting party

I know that I often look at products in the store and think "Wow, that looks good. We'll have to try that." On days when the budget is feeling generous, I may grab an extra random item or two. On days when I know that I will need to talk nicely to my debit card to prevent it from laughing at me, I keep on moving.

You know how that goes. And it is especially true with allergy friendly products, which tend to carry a higher price tag. Don't get me wrong, I will happily pay for knowing that I can offer my family safe treats. Totally worth it. But. I hate getting excited about a new product, paying a steep price to try it out, and discovering the kids hate it.

If only there was a way to try it before you buy it.

With that thought in mind, I am going to *attempt* to host an allergy friendly tasting party for my food allergy support group. My goal is to have a multitude of allergy friendly foods on hand for them to try. And coupons to encourage that first purchase, to make trying a new item less of expenditure and more of an adventure.

That being said- what item is a go-to food in your house? What's the weird discovery that you found on the bottom shelf that you now can not live without? What food would you like to try but have not found the money to manage it? PUH-LEEESE! I am begging you here: send your wish list, your recommended list, and your suggestions.

As suggestions roll in, I'll talk to the companies that make the product, and see if they would be willing to share. After all, who wouldn't want a foot in the door with a target market of interested and loyal consumers?

Thanks for helping out! I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. This is our favorite allergen-friendly cookies company.

  2. I have never had these! Thanks for the suggestion, I will put them on the list.

  3. I always kept a stash of Sharffen Berger dark chocolate around since it was corn free. I believe some of the blocks are dairy and nut free. (You need to check nutritional info on their website to find which ones are made in a nut/dairy free facility.)

    I used to trust them 100% when they were made in their little facility in Berkeley, CA. They've since been bought out by Hershey's and moved to some other facility so not quite as much trust. (But they are still yummy! :) )


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