Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Healthy School Fundraiser Option

How many times have your kiddos had fundraisers at school, dance class, football, or other miscellaneous activity? And how many of them have involved food? Cookie dough, pizza kits, candy bars.... I hate selling things that my food allergic daughter couldn't enjoy even if she wanted too. We allergy mamas tend to be very aware of the foods that surround us, both in terms of allergens and health.

Hero Nutritionals has come up with an interesting idea. Why not offer a healthy -and tasty- fundraising option that is good for our kids? Virtually allergy free YummiBears vitamins. They even have adult versions, and an organic line.

If your PTA is looking for a fundraiser, why not toss this out as an option to consider? Sure beats cookie dough and wrapping paper sales! And sharing 25% of the profit seems very generous to me.

For more info, visit:

(And no, they are not paying me. I love their products. They sent info, I thought I'd share.)

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