Monday, October 26, 2009

Flavor of Fall- in a mug

I am striving to find a warm drink that my daughter can wake up with each day. Since she was about 18 months old she has started every day with a warm glass of chocolate soymilk. Or vanilla. Or cinnamon rice milk. Warm and creamy is the theme. However, hemp and coconut milks do not suit her palate, which are the two milks currently at use in our house.

So. She has been starting the day with herbal tea. It doesn't quite fit the bill. She drinks some of it, but has yet to slurp it down the way she did with her milk. I would also like something that has a bit more nutritional value. And so far, warm juice has not gone over well.

Today it hit me. She loves pumpkin pie. How about a pumpkin latte- minus the coffee part. Thus, a warm comforting mug of fall flavor is born. Pumpkin pie in a cup. Does it get any better?

It does. Not only does she like it, it is packed with healthy things that make Mommy feel much better about how she starts her day.

Pumpkin Latte

1/3 c canned pumpkin puree
2/3 c hemp milk
1/3 c coconut milk
3 Tbsp organic sugar, or to taste
Dash of pumpkin pie spice or pie seasonings, to taste: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and ground cloves

Mix all in small saucepan and heat through. Serve warm. Leftover can be put in the fridge and microwaved the next day. Yummy! It really is like pumpkin pie in a mug. And all amounts can be varied to suit the taste buds of your little people. Perfect. I love a recipe with wiggle room.

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