Saturday, April 10, 2010

Powdered (Not)Milk

Awhile ago, I wrote about how to replace milk in any recipe. Silly me, I only listed liquid milk replacements.

I don't often use powdered milk, even in my dairy consuming days it was rare. It occurred to me a few days ago that sometimes powdered milk is a necessary part of a recipe, and not once did I shine my beam of product enlightenment upon those options. Sorry for the oversight.

So. Here is a quick and dirty list of options for replacing powdered milk in recipes.

  • DariFree This is the one that I use in my kitchen. It is made from a potato base, and is free of all the allergens we avoid! No one in my house will drink it straight, but it blends well into recipes with fabulous results.
  • Better Than Milk This is a powdered soymilk that is available online and in many grocery stores. (I found it at Giant Eagle.) I have not tried it, and I know there are many varieties of powdered soymilk online. Google is a girl's best friend.
  • Better Than Milk No, that's not a mistake, I did actually list it twice. Guess what? It's available as powdered rice milk also. Again, I haven't tried it, and there are plenty of choices out there.
  • EcoMil Almond If you can have nuts, powdered almond milk is out there. Feel free to give it a try.
  • Powdered Coconut Milk Don't get all excited now, I haven't found one that is dairy free. Plenty are on the market, but they all use casein as a stabilizer for now. Bummer, because you know how I adore coconut milk.

If I've missed an option, let me know. I'm always looking to expand my knowledge of allergy friendly products.


  1. I have a large can of Dari-Free in my pantry but the only use I have discovered for it is the coconut whip cream posted on your Sunbutter Pie recipe (also amazing). Can you share how else you use this product. I tried adding it to my boy's rice milk (they are also soy allergic) to increase calories, but they noticed the flavor difference and wouldn't drink it. I'd love to use it more often.

  2. Honestly, I use DariFree mostly for the coconut whipped cream. I do use occasionally in the bread machine for making certain bread recipes that call for powdered milk. I works wonderfully there too. You could stir a bit into anything that should be creamy (mushroom stroganoff, pot pie filling, etc) if you are looking to boost nutritional value. If you find another wonderful use for it, let me know!


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