Saturday, August 7, 2010

Allergy Friendly Tartar Sauce

Last week my husband created the most amazing fish nuggets this allergy friendly household has ever had. The crunch as you bit into them could be heard across the table, and the inside was tender and moist flaky yumminess!

Typically, batter fried foods at our house leave a thick slurry of rebellious batter particles at the bottom of the pan used for frying. The resulting menu item emerges from its hot oil bath with a scraggly coating of batter, patchy bald spots, and a slight crunch. Not anymore my friend, not anymore.

This fish nugget had body! It had a luscious thick coating that was golden and bubbly in a way that you would expect to find at pub known for it's fish and chips. The oil? Clean. No fallout. One bite made me think: Oh. My. If only I could give the kids some tartar sauce to dip in for the full experience. (Maybe, if I ask nicely, I can get the hubster to share his masterful recipe.)

The problem? No mayo. I have yet to find a store bought mayo that we can have, and have yet to create a home made version worth repeating. Until now. A simple search turned up this gem of a recipe, simple and delicious. Absolutely worth trying. In fact, I think I see chicken salad in our future. It is that good.

A simple tweak: add a pinch of paprika, as a nod to my husband who prefers Miracle Whip over real mayonnaise. Then to turn it to tartar sauce... a healthy dash of pickle relish. Really. Just a heaping spoonful of relish added to this mayo yields simple yet tasty tartar sauce.

I know, I know. It's not really a recipe. Just an excuse to share this wonderful mayonnaise recipe. Hope you like it as much as we did. My allergic daughter loved it, even dips her carrots in it now.

With care, this recipe can be dairy free, egg free, soy free, gluten free, nut free, sugar free, and still fabulous! (PS- We used coconut milk at our house. But you knew that.)


  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing the link, sounds yummy to my egg-free ears.
    I must say though that the fish recipe sounds good too. Have you shared that already or is that for a later post?

  2. The fish recipe is coming soon! I hope the mayo works out for you.

  3. Yes, I would love the fish recipe?

  4. Thanks for the link! I've been working on a similar mayo recipe, but it's very mustardy, since that's been my only emulsifier in the stuff...the xantham gum is genius!

  5. I am sorry but I did not see a link or the recipe for the mayo in your article. Please post again. Thank you

  6. Sorry 'bout that! The link is there, but the color of my links is so close to the regular text that it was hard to see. I have updated it so the links pop out more noticeably, feel free to check out that link now! Thanks for the feedback.


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