Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Menu Planning

Here it is, Monday again.  Goodness how the week flew by!  Happy to report that last week was much simpler at meal time with a plan in place.  Hope this week will prove to be the same.  Here is the weekly line up, with links where applicable. (Remember that these are the original recipes, and do not include the modifications I make to adapt to our families dietary restrictions.) No frills, just meals. Let's cook.

Breakfast: Oatmeal or Grits
Lunchbox: Lettuce/Ham wraps, carrot sticks, grapes
Dinner: Split pea soup w/hambone, cornbread, peaches

Breakfast: Cranberry Apple Crisp (yes, really!)
Lunchbox: sunbutter and apples, green beans with pumpkin seeds, raspberries, popcorn
Dinner: Chili Mac, peas

Breakfast: Baked sweet potatoes with cider millet
Lunchbox: sunbutter and apples, melon, peas, terra chips
Dinner: Vegetable Chili, flatbread

Breakfast: Blueberry muffins
Lunchbox: veg chili
Dinner: Shrimp shish kebabs, corn salad, broccoli, blueberries

Breakfast: Sausage and oven roasted veggies
Lunchbox: ham/lettuce wrap, corn salad, grapes
Dinner: Mandarin pork, roasted cauliflower, carrot salad

Breakfast: Pumpkin waffles
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: spaghetti with meatballs, california veggies

Breakfast: hash browns with sauteed veggies
Lunch: sunbutter and jelly on gf bread
Dinner: Veggie pot pie, salad w/cranberry dressing

Note: Unless I run out, all lunch boxes are packed with a v-8 fusion or 100% juice juice box, a smoothie, and fruit snacks.

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