Monday, August 26, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

It's Monday. We have to eat. Without further ado, the plan to make it happen:

Breakfast: pork sausage and sauteed veggies
Lunch: pepperoni
Dinner: lentil dahl, quinoa pasta, peas, veggie bites (new find here- YUM.)

Breakfast: teff muffins and green smoothie
Lunch: sunbutter and jelly
Dinner: salmon, green beans, mixed berries

Breakfast: saute sweets and green smoothie
Lunch: salmon salad
Dinner: turkey pot pie

Breakfast: turkey sausage, biscuits, fruit smoothie
Lunch: turkey dogs
Dinner: beef stew, cornbread

Breakfast: pumpkin muffins, yogurt
Lunch: beef dogs
Dinner: pork basil burgers, roasted veggies, raspberry applesauce

Breakfast: bacon cheddar muffins
Lunch: ham roll ups
Dinner: pizza night!

Breakfast: zucchini pancakes
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: sloppy joe, corn chips, melon, broccoli

Have a great week!

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