Monday, August 25, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

With back to school in full swing, it is more important that ever for me to have my act together!  Having a meal plan in place helps.  Fewer last minute trips to the store, less time trying to figure out what to make, and pre-planning quick meals for the busy nights that have after school activities.

Monday (turkey)
Breakfast: lemon poppyseed muffins
Lunch: sunbutter and jelly sandwiches
Dinner: turkey pot pie, spinach salad with balsamic berries

Tuesday (beef)
Breakfast: turkey sausage on biscuit, green smoothie
Lunch: turkey roll ups
Dinner: beef stir fry over cauliflower rice

Wednesday (fish)
Breakfast: bean and veggie saute
Lunch: beef dogs
Dinner: salmon

Thursday (pork)
Breakfast: zucchini muffins
Lunch: salmon salad
Dinner: pork basil burgers, spiced peaches

Friday (vegan)
Breakfast: butternut bacon saute
Lunch: pork basil burgers
Dinner: Vegetable chili, corn muffins

Saturday (turkey)
Breakfast: waffles with berry reduction
Lunch: chili
Dinner: herb roasted turkey, sweet potato wedges, roasted broccoli

Sunday (beef)
Breakfast: sausage balls, herb roasted potatoes
Lunch: leftover turkey
Dinner: pot roast, peas, quinoa

I'll fill in the gaps with whatever produce is on sale this week, but this plan is enough to make shopping a breeze and simplify my week.  Hope you have a great week too!

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