Monday, December 22, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

I'm always amazed at how much more smoothly my week goes when I have a menu plan in place.  Last week I tried to wing it, and I was a mess!  Trying to come up with a meal three times a day, with the ingredients I have on hand... It's too much stress for me.  When I have a menu plan in place I can coast through the week with grace.  I take the plan with me grocery shopping so that I have all the ingredients I need, and I never have a last minute debate about what to make.  (Of course, I do make last minute changes when life gets crazy, but one or two changes in the plan is pretty easily managed.)

I don't want to stress about my holiday week, so here is my plan.

Monday (vegan)
Breakfast: cream of buckwheat made with hemp milk
Lunch: turkey wraps
Dinner: mushroom stroganoff over pasta, peas

Tuesday (beef)
Breakfast: apple coffee cake (from *the best* allergy friendly cookbook), green smoothie
Lunch: hummus wraps
Dinner: beef burger on bun, roasted beets, garlicky spinach, sliced pears

Wednesday (fish)
Breakfast: buckwheat pancakes with berry reduction
Lunch: sunbutter and jelly
Dinner: fish sticks, rosemary shrimp, roasted cauliflower, applesauce

Thursday (pork) Christmas with the in-laws!
Breakfast: overnight cinnamon rolls
Lunch: sausage balls
Dinner: ham, potato salad, green beans, dinner rolls, veggie tray with hummus, cookies

Friday (lamb)
Breakfast: bacon and sautéed veggies
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: lamb burgers, broccoli, grapes

Saturday (vegan)
Breakfast: sunbutter coffee cake
Lunch: potato leek soup
Dinner: pizza

Sunday (turkey) Christmas with my family!
Breakfast: parsnip muffins, green smoothie
Lunch: hahahaha!
Dinner: turkey with gravy, mashed sweet potatoes, veggie tray with hummus, apple pie with whipped coconut cream, whatever my family brings to share...

I hope your family has a fantastic Christmas!  May it be merry, safe, and surrounded with love.

(As always, I try to link to the original recipe.  It may not reflect the changes I make to adapt the recipe for our dietary restrictions.)

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