Saturday, August 9, 2008

And the list grows!

We got word from the doctor's office yesterday that my eldest has added wheat and soy to her list of allergies. Which of course explains why her eczema is getting worse everyday, she is a walking ball of oozing itching girlie. Poor thing. And mama gives her at least 2 glasses of soymilk everyday, plus all the incidental soy. And wheat crackers are her favorite snack of late. So, the two of us were a discouraged pair yesterday. Now I get to learn a whole new way of feeding the family. I would love to hear from anyone with experience. In the meantime, here we go. Today's recipe:

Berry Strawberries

1 qt sliced strawberries
t T simply fruit red rasberry spread
1 t sugar (depending on how ripe and sweet your berries are, you may be able to skip this)

Microwave fruit spread 20 seconds, or until just melted. Add sugar and stir to dissolve. Pour over sliced strawberries and toss to coat evenly. Enjoy! Simple and easy way to dress up berries for a fun change.

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