Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thinking outside the box

It came as a realization to me that while I often contemplate cooking in a way that other people do not, some of the things I have begun to take for granted are still novel to those without eating restrictions. So today I would like to share a technique that I use often. It is so simple and basic that I assume most people know already. I often try to sneak extra nutrients into the meals I prepare, as we are limited not only by what we are allowed to eat, but by my allergic child being a picky eater as well.

So, here it is....I avoid cooking with water whenever possible. Huh? you say.

Think about how often you cook in water: for oatmeal, rice, pasta, steaming veggies....all of those things. Think creatively. What happens if you replace all or part of the water with a different liquid? Chicken broth, vegetable broth, fortified orange juice, apple juice, oat or rice or hemp milk? The flavor can be changed dramatically or subtly.

For example, just today I tossed frozen carrots into the microwave to steam in a tablespoon of orange juice. When done I drizzled a little maple syrup over them. Voila! A tasty and nutritionally enhanced serving of carrots. In amounts that small, I know I am adding just a trace of extra oomph, but every little bit counts. And it adds up.

So, next time your recipe calls for water, think about how to pump it up with an alternative liquid.


    I use chicken broth and stock alot - you have just opened my horizons! I do need to think outside the "faucet".

  2. I know your family will be surprised! Have fun with it, results can be super tasty.


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