Thursday, February 26, 2009

Celebration Time!

And our house is happy. Really happy. Sometime ago, what feels like eons but was actually only 7 months, we added soy and wheat to our list of foods to avoid. Why? Because mommy noticed the allergic kiddo got a tummy ache every morning after drinking her soy milk. And because we had RAST testing that showed a mild soy and wheat allergy. This week we braved the week of no allergy medicine in order to get the dreaded skin prick testing to confirm the allergy. And the skin prick testing says NO REACTION!

I know, I know, either one in isolation is not entirely reliable. And your actual reaction after ingesting suspected foods is more valid than any test. I know. But. To see that there was no wheal. To know that we can start to add soy and wheat back into our diet and watch to see how she reacts. It makes us feel normal again. And hopeful.

Oddly though, we have no plans of resuming our former diet completely. We still plan on keeping soy and wheat limited. Why? We eat so much healthier. We have learned a lot of alternative foods that we would not have tried before are really quite tasty. I've seen so much research hinting that maybe wheat isn't so good for us anyway. Everything in moderation. So many reasons.

To have the freedom to add a bit of soy butter or wheat flour to our diet is a wonderful option, don't get me wrong. We fully plan on it. Just keeping it in moderation.

And Alia. She is so excited about having REAL toast in the near future. How can you say no to that? What she missed the most is toast. Children have a whole different perspective on the things that are valuable to their pallette. I love it.

So, we'll still be posting allergy friendly recipes. You may see wheat and soy creeping in from time to time. When possible, I'll include how to alter the recipe to omit these.

Until then, sing a little happy song for us. We'll keep hoping it's your turn soon.

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