Saturday, May 10, 2014

2014 Allergy Awareness Week

To kick off the week I'd like to post my agenda for Food Allergy Awareness Week.  This week my goal is to do something to grow awareness each day.  My focus is on growing awareness at the school level, as many more children currently have food allergies than adults.

Monday:  Hang allergy awareness posters.  I plan to hang one in the stall for each teacher bathroom. Captive audience+education= WIN.  This year I chose an infographic from FARE.

Tuesday: Put a food allergy bookmark in each teacher's mailbox.  Thanks to FAACT for providing them!

Wednesday: Put up a trifold display in the teacher's lounge with a 10 question allergy awareness quiz. (self check, of course.)

Thursday: Put a copy of 10 Things Every Allergic Kid Wishes You Knew in each teacher mailbox.

Friday: Provide allergy friendly cupcakes (free of 7 of the top 8).  A demonstration that allergy friendly can be tasty is always a good thing! It's also my way of saying thanks for letting me bombard the teachers with allergy information during the week.

One simple, quick thing for each day.  Lots of wonderful activities to pick from being posted around the web!  What are YOU doing to grow awareness this week?

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