Monday, April 28, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

Somehow I have been so productive today, that it feels like Wednesday already!  Here is my menu plan for the week, and then back to the productivity streak I was on!

Monday (beef)
Breakfast: cranberry orange muffins
Lunch: turkey slices
Dinner: beef burgers, asparagus, strawberries

Tuesday (vegan)
Breakfast: bean and veggie saute
Lunch: beef burgers
Dinner: quinoa pasta with squash sauce and peas

Wednesday (pork)
Breakfast: lemon poppyseed muffins and green smoothie
Lunch: sunbutter and apples
Dinner: crockpot pork roast, roasted beets, peaches

Thursday (fish)
Breakfast: pork sausage and cinnamon roasted butternut squash
Lunch: pork
Dinner: shrimp skewers, buckwheat ramen noodles, green beans, cherries

Friday (turkey)
Breakfast: sweet potato black bean saute
Lunch: veggies and hummus
Dinner: white bean turkey chili, spinach salad with oranges

Saturday (beef)
Breakfast: turkey sausage and potatoes O'Brien
Lunch: turkey corn dogs
Dinner: beef stir fry over quinoa, grilled pineapple

Sunday (vegan)
Breakfast: pancakes with berry reduction
Lunch: sloppy joe
Dinner: lentil soup

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