Monday, January 5, 2015

Menu Plan Monday

Today is the first day back to school for my kiddos.  Back to the daily routines, and now it is especially important to have a menu plan!  No time to run to the store for missing pieces to complete dinner.  My menu plan helps me to grocery shop effectively, which saves time AND money.  Win-win.

Monday (fish)
Breakfast: fend for yourself
Lunch: sunbutter and jelly
Dinner: ginger salmon, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted green beans

Tuesday (pork)
Breakfast: cream of buckwheat, carrot/apple/ginger smoothie
Lunch: hummus and veggie wraps
Dinner: ham and bean soup, kale salad with sliced apples and pomegranate arils

Wednesday (vegan)
Breakfast: bacon, roasted butternut squash
Lunch: salami on fauxfish crackers (mock lunchables)
Dinner: veggie burgers on bun, roasted cauliflower, cherry applesauce

Thursday (beef)
Breakfast: sweet potato hash, green smoothie
Lunch: sunbutter and apples/carrot sticks
Dinner: beef stew, quinoa, peas

Friday (turkey)
Breakfast: waffles
Lunch: beef stew
Dinner: turkey meatloaf, herb roasted potatoes, garlicky spinach

Saturday (fish)
Breakfast: millet porridge with dried cherries and toasted pumpkin seeds
Lunch: meatloaf
Dinner: fish tacos

Sunday (pork)
Breakfast: pancakes with stovetop apples
Lunch: fish sticks
Dinner: pork ribs, roasted rainbow carrots, fried cabbage


  1. Hi, we avoid the same allergens and one of my new years resolutions is to make more allergy free foods for our family to enjoy together. Would you be so kind to share your cranberry apple coffee cake and apple sausage muffin recipes? I find your blog very inspiring! I was also interested in your sweet potato hash recipe? What kind of wraps do you use for your wraps and enchiladas-do you make them? And what about your bread for french toast-what type of bread do you use? Thanks so much for your time and all of your help!

  2. Thank you for the kind words! I have updated the menu plan to link to a few more of the original recipes (including the sweet potato hash). Keep in mind that the original recipe is my starting point, I often make modifications from there. Someday I should blog more of them! I use the apple cake recipe from Learning to Bake Allergen Free by Colette Martin and add cranberries. I do buy my wraps at the store, from Earth Fare, but I can not remember the brand right now! Grrr. Bread I always make from scratch. I use the Everyday Bread recipe on this blog when my family is eating gluten, and a recipe from Gluten Free Goddess when we are not. I'm sorry I can't seem to post links in the comment section... I'll work on posting more of the updated recipes that I use! Thanks for checking in, I hope that helps with some of your questions!


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