Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Muffin Magic

How many of you bake vegan?  I have for 10 years.  Now it's vegan AND gluten free.

Muffins.  Cupcakes.  The challenge of baking a muffin that allows you to put more in your tummy than is stuck to the baking cup or tin?  I have heard this very topic discussed among vegan bakers frequently.

Not by me.

About two years ago I discovered a deceptively modest looking box of baking cups at Whole Foods.  Being almost out, I picked up a box.  And instantly realized the package is incredibly understated.

These things are absolutely magical.  When you open the lid a mystical light emanates from within and you can actually hear a choir of angels singing!  Ok, maybe not.  But you should.  They are that good.

Nothing sticks to these babies.  Every muffin comes out with ease, and most leave not even a crumb behind to hint of their previous residence.  I kid you not.

I'd love to post pictures, I took wonderful shots showing the difference between a regular paper liner and this magnificent beauty... but my computer currently refuses to acknowledge the existence of my camera.  They've likely had a tiff due to creative differences.  So instead of viewing what happens to MY muffins with and without these liners, try your own experiment.

What are your non-stick secrets?


  1. Wow, they sound terrific, but I have never seen them in Quebec, Canada...
    I will see if I can order from the web. Would you mind telling me how much they cost? I want to make sure that they don't overcharge me with duty and all.
    Thanks again ;o)

  2. Maman Tyna- I think I pay about $1.89 per box of 60 at the more expensive local store. I would look for something in that range.


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