Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dear Strong Mama, a note of Thanksgiving

Dear Strong Mama,

I've never said it to you, but you inspire me.  You get me through days when life is hard, and heavy.

I watch you show up everyday.  I watch you balance the challenges of your own life, plus those of caring for a child with challenges of her own.  Some days you look tired, and I know you didn't get any time to yourself to replenish your tank.  But you still show up.

Some days you talk and share a window into your day.  And it's real.  It's your life, your experience.  I'm amazed at how much you can see in a positive light, and I love it.  I appreciate it more because it's not a front that you hide behind, and you do share less than shining moments.  They don't claim your focus, and you don't dwell in the world of pessimism.

Thank you for modeling how to do that.  How to see the sunlight more often than the shadows.  How to be strong in the face of opposition.

We've haven't talked often.  I know you have no idea how much influence you have had on my life.  How watching you go through your day with such courage and authenticity gives me the courage to face my own challenges.  How seeing the huge hurdles in your life gives me perspective on the hurdles in my own life.

I'm so glad that you asked for support when you needed it.  I am honored that I was able to put a hand out and offer support to you in a dark moment, after getting support from you for so long.  I know that I didn't sign my name.  I think it is fitting to support you quietly, without asking for attention or recognition, the same way that you have been supporting me.

Thank you, Strong Mama.  Thanks for being my support, and living an example that helps me to wade through life's hard days.  Keep on, I'll be over here cheering for you quietly.

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