Monday, November 10, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

Down and dirty, here is the plan for the upcoming week.  (Subject to change based on market specials of course.)

Monday (beef)
Breakfast: pumpkin muffins
Lunch: turkey slices
Dinner: chili bake

Tuesday (fish)
Breakfast: blueberry muffins
Lunch: beans and weenies
Dinner: honey sesame salmon, cauliflower rice, roasted beets

Wednesday (pork)
Breakfast: zucchini muffins
Lunch: sunbutter and jelly
Dinner: Italian sausage, pasta with marinara, peas

Thursday (vegan)
Breakfast: sausage balls, fruit
Lunch: pepperoni "lunchables"
Dinner: carrot ginger soup, berry spinach salad

Friday (turkey)
Breakfast: green tea muffins with cranberries
Lunch: hummus and veggie wraps
Dinner: mulligatawny soup

Saturday (beef)
Breakfast: turkey sausage and roasted veggies
Lunch: on your own
Dinner: chipotle shepherd's pie with sweet potato crust

Sunday (fish)
Breakfast: cinnamon rolls, green smoothie
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: crispy baked lemon cod, garlicky spinach, lemon pepper pasta

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