Monday, September 16, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

This week, due to equal parts schedule craziness and poor advance planning on my part, I won't have time to grocery shop until the week is almost over!  So this week's menu relies on pantry staples and things that I have stockpiled in the freezer. (Remember that all links are to the original recipe, I make changes to each to suit the dietary restrictions in our home.)

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, having a well stocked pantry and freezer helps out a lot!

Breakfast: bean and veggie saute
Lunch: apples and sunbutter
Dinner: turkey sloppy joe, french fries, corn on the cob

Breakfast: blueberry muffins, green smoothie
Lunch: turkey sloppy joe
Dinner: beef stew, quinoa pasta, peas

Breakfast: veggie bites, orange smoothie
Lunch: beef dogs
Dinner: crispy baked lemon cod, raspberry applesauce, roasted cauliflower

Breakfast: pumpkin donuts, green smoothie
Lunch: sunbutter and jelly
Dinner: pumpkin faux parma rosa with crumbled Italian sausage over spaghetti squash

Breakfast: pork sausage and hash brown waffles
Lunch: pepperoni and cheese cracker lunchables
Dinner: potato leek soup, cornbread

Breakfast: cranberry orange muffins, vanilla steamers
Lunch: sniffle lentil soup
Dinner: turkey meatballs with quinoa pasta and marinara sauce

Breakfast: turkey apple sausage, veggie saute
Lunch: meatballs
Dinner: steak, roasted veggies, spiced peaches OR Red Robin

Enjoy your week!

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